A Gold Coast man allegedly raped his step-granddaughter when she came to visit her grandmother.
A Gold Coast man allegedly raped his step-granddaughter when she came to visit her grandmother.

Man allegedly raped step-granddaughter twice

A GOLD Coast man raped his step-granddaughter and asked if she would be with him if anything happened to his wife, a court was told yesterday.

The step-grandfather, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded not guilty in the Southport District Court to two counts of rape, five counts of sexual assault and one count of incest.

Crown prosecutor Michael Mitchell took the jury of seven women and five men through the alleged events of February 2016 when the step-grandfather is accused of raping the 23-year-old woman while she visited her grandmother on the Gold Coast.

In his opening address, Mr Mitchell told the court the woman, a university student, was in the spare room when the man came in about 10.20pm on February 17, 2016.

The man allegedly asked her if she wanted a massage but the woman said "no" and that she just wanted to go to sleep.

"He massaged her shoulders and started going down her back," Mr Mitchell said.

The step-grandfather then allegedly took the woman's pants off before touching and raping her.

"She will tell you she felt a lot of pain," Mr Mitchell said.

Mr Mitchell said the man then wiped her with a towel before leaving the room.

The jury was told the next evening the step-grandfather again went into the woman's room when she was lying on the bed in her bikini and jean shorts.

He again asked her if she wanted a massage and when she said no the step-grandfather told her he would stop if it hurt, the court was told.

Mr Mitchell said the step-grandfather again began to touch the woman who told him it hurt.

It is alleged the man then took the woman's pants off and asked when she had last shaved her legs and bikini line.

Mr Mitchell said during the time in the bedroom the man kissed and touched the woman's breasts and orally raped her.

"He asked her if it was easy to make her orgasm," he said.

"He asked if any of her boyfriends had done that to her and made her orgasm."

Mr Mitchell said after the incident the man asked the woman "if anything happened to her grandmother if she would want to be with him".

The jury was told the woman did not reply and the step-grandfather got up and left the room.

The woman, now a nurse, went to police on February 23 - six days after the first alleged rape.

The trial, which is expected to take three days, continues today.