Jed Hockin.
Jed Hockin. Bev Lacey

Teen goes viral for crazy trick shot talent

THERE is no doubt Jed Hockin has talent - he's a two time Guinness World Record holder and his soccer trick shot videos have been viewed by millions.

The Toowoomba teenager shared his first video to YouTube in 2015 and since then has posted more than 100 videos which have amassed millions and millions of views.

Mr Hockin posts videos of trick shots and his freestyle skills. His videos show him kicking footballs into basketball hoops or open bins, and knocking objects over.

Earlier this year the Real Madrid shared one of his videos across their social media platforms and Mr Hockin was propelled even further into the spotlight.

The Spanish club, who has more than 145 million social media followers was wowed by his talent and since then Mr Hockin has gained more than 100,000 of his own social media fans.

Just this week the club again shared another of Mr Hockin's videos with the caption "Mad skills! Feeling impressed."

In just a matter of days the video on their Facebook page has amassed almost three million views.

Mr Hockin said he hoped to make a career out of his passion for football.

"I always played and loved sport," he said.

"This (football trick shots) is just something creative that came from that passion. If I could turn it into a career it'd be awesome."

He is already well on his way to smashing goals he never thought possible.

In July he was awarded two Guinness World Records.

The first for the "farthest football goal scored by rabona kick (60m)" and "the most football crossbar hits by rabona kick in one minute (7)."