The Dermaroller.
The Dermaroller.

Going hi-tech at home for beauty

I LOVE a high-tech beauty product, or one that seems like something you may normally have to go to a salon to experience.

Perhaps we are all more sophisticated buyers of beauty products these days because, increasingly, brands are offering women and men skincare kits for at-home treatment. (That trend has extended to dental care too, with whitening kits a best-seller.)

Generally these DIY kits focus on exfoliation and skin renewal or rejuvenation.

But you may have also noticed that skincare and anti-aging gizmos are also appearing in pharmacies and salons.

Of course it may started with the foot spa and the electric toothbrush but we've come a long way since then. That said, a foot spa is still a good present for mum, if you haven't got that far yet!

Skin Physics Derma Sonic Cleansing Brush, $119, is perfect for the woman or man who wants a super clean complexion that is more able to absorb (expensive) moisturisers or treatments.

It's also good for those who don't want to use harsh chemicals or chemical exfoliants to pep up their skin.

With the ability to remove up to six times more make-up than manual cleansing, it uses sonic frequency to gently but effectively cleanse and buff the skin, removing build-up of dead skin cells and impurities.

Four speed settings allow you to control the effect and feel on your skin, with sensitive and regular facial brush options included.

The manufacturers also claim this hi-tech brush will help reduce oily areas and dry skin patches as well as the appearance of pores.

But certainly what it does do is what a good clean with a sonic toothbrush does for your pearly whites.

Also from Skin Physics, the Photon Dual Light LED Skincare Treatment System, $299, is designed to pulse low energy, pure light deep into the skin for a healthier and younger-looking complexion.

The Photon red light is said to encourage the skin's natural production of collagen and elastin, the key structural proteins of the skin.

The blue light is designed to reduce sebum that clogs pores.

For those who are looking for another on-trend salon-style product, the homecare Dermaroller, $195, is doing a brisk trade.

This is a German designed and patented device and the first transdermal needle roller to be TGA listed as a Class IIa device.

According to the manufacturers, its efficacy has been proven by scientific and clinical findings for anti-aging, skin regeneration improvement, scar reduction therapy (SRT) and collagen induction therapy (CIT).

The Dermaroller uses fine, microneedles to stimulate tissue regeneration.

You use it before going to bed, rolling each part of the skin three times in four directions. It's a little painful and you have to get used to it slowly.

If you're not quite ready for a gizmo yet but you want a salon-style skin rejuvenation treatment, HydroPeptide Peel - Anti-Wrinkle Polish and Plump Peel Kit, $99, is a professional-strength, triple-action, two-step system that delivers the benefits of microdermabrasion, a facial peel and more.

It uses Vitamin C crystals to gently polish skin and has other ingredients that hydrate and brighten, including lactic acid and green tea.

Be aware that with all these products, a little caution is advised. Go gently towards your goal of skin perfection.

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  • The Derma Sonic Cleaning Brush allows deep cleaning and exfoliates dead skin cells.
  • The Photon Dual Light LED Skincare Treatment System emits low energy, pure light for anti-aging.
  • The Dermaroller is a fine, needling device designed to stimulate tissue regeneration.
  • The HydroPeptide Peel delivers microdermabrasion benefits.