Jeff Addison is calling for an increase in the Go Card limit.
Jeff Addison is calling for an increase in the Go Card limit. Warren Lynam

Go Card’s top-up limit needs increase, say commuters

A SUNSHINE Coast commuter advocate has called for TransLink to increase the limit on its Go Cards in line with rises in fare prices.

Palmwoods resident Jeff Addison tops up his Go Card, TransLink's electronic ticket, on average every three days.

He claimed that in January 2008, a weekly ticket return for Palmwoods to Brisbane cost $77.35.

Now, with a Go Card, the weekly cost is $133.65 covering nine paid trips and one free.

Yet despite the increase in fares, the maximum amount of money he can put on the card in one go has remained the same.

Increasing the threshold would mean he would not have to top up as often.

"The threshold hasn't changed but the fees have gone up," he said. "They need to increase it."

Mr Addison said he was advised by TransLink to register his Go Card to set up an auto top up, ensuring his account was topped up when it fell below $5.

"People don't like doing it for security or personal reasons. For me it increases security risk to my credit card. It should be about giving us options," he said.

He suggested the threshold should go up to $400.

A TransLink spokesman said the Go Card threshold was set at $250 as an appropriate balance between passenger convenience and financial risk should the card be lost or stolen.

"TransLink encourages passengers to register and add auto top-up to their Go Card so they don't have to worry about having enough cash on them to top up manually," he said.

"An adult passenger using a Go Card travelling from Brisbane CBD to Palmwoods during the peak period is paying $2.95 more in 2014 compared to 2008."