'Ghost' spotted at site of Aboriginal massacre

A spooky photo taken of Coomba Falls, Maidenwell.
A 'spooky' photo taken of Coomba Falls, Maidenwell. Contributed

A TOOWOOMBA ghost group has published spooky photos which they claim show a 'ghost' at Coomba Falls, Maidenwell.

A photo of the nondescript yet beautiful waterhole shows what looks like just another geographical feature from afar.

But a member of Toowoomba Ghost Chasers zoomed in on the photo and claims to have seen something supernatural.

It could be a case of pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus - an image or a sound - where the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actually exists.

A spooky photo taken of Coomba Falls, Maidenwell.
Just another waterfall, or maybe not. Contributed

Maidenwell is a small town in South-East Queensland's South Burnett district and is a gateway to the Bunya Mountains.

A massacre of Aboriginals reportedly took place at Coomba Falls in the 19th century.

Legend states European settlers killed hundreds of Aborigines, including women and children at the falls.

A Toowoomba Ghost Chasers spokesman said: "Apparently Coomba Falls was home to a massacre of 300 Aboriginals and legend states it is a bottomless hole that was used as a burial ground."

Members say the site could be haunted.

Greg van Til said: "I've been to Coomba Falls a few times, I have always felt that it was an Aboriginal sacred site, it's actually a very spooky place, I had no idea about the history."

Pam Lefors was more skeptical: "It looks like someone is trying to find something in a picture that is not there."

The Toowoomba ghost group has come under fire recently from UK-based skeptic Haley M. Stevens.

She claims to have debunked the group's  alleged paranormal evidence.