THE dust has barely settled on the epic seventh series of Game of Thrones but fans are already getting excited about what happens next for Jon Snow and co.

The eighth and final season, which could premiere at any point between July next year and 2019, will wrap up everything in the fantasy land of Westeros.

Fans can expect to see more of Cersei's plotting causing trouble for Daenerys Targaryen and her nephew/lover Jon Snow, but the real enemy is even more ruthless than the scheming queen, The Sun reports.

The hardest fight will be against the White Walkers and their zombie-like Army of the Dead, which is now ready to march on Westeros, having knocked down the Wall which keeps them out.

The Night King is hellbent on reaching Westeros.
The Night King is hellbent on reaching Westeros. HBO

And Thrones fans reckon they've finally figured out what the White Walkers, led by the sinister Night King, really want.

The latest epic Game of Thrones fan theory comes from Reddit, where a user had a good guess at the Walkers' real motives.

According to the theory, the Night King is hellbent on reaching Westeros because he wants to get to a lake called the God's Eye.

In the books which Game of Thrones is based on, the God's Eye is a lake where the Children Of The Forest, who made the White Walkers, forged a peace deal with mankind.

The island in the centre of the lake is called the Isle of Faces, and it is known for having magical powers.

What will the next season of Game of Thrones hold for Jon Snow?
What will the next season of Game of Thrones hold for Jon Snow? Supplied

And the fastest way to get there would involve passing through Eastwatch By The Sea, the part of The Wall which the Night King destroyed with his new pet dragon.

Once there, the Army of the Dead can be brought back to life properly, rather than living as zombies.

The theory goes: "Ultimately I think [the Night King's] end goal is to reach the Isle of Faces and use its magical properties to give life to his undead army."

Interestingly, this prediction ties in perfectly with the popular theory that Bran Stark is the Night King, with another fan explaining how everything links together.

They said: "Bran orchestrates everything to bring peace to Westeros. And the only way he can do it is by becoming the Night King, raising an army of undead and marching them to the God's Eye where he will destroy the ancient Children Of The Forest magic.

"It turns everyone from Wights back into fully healthy humans, exactly as they were at the moment of their death."

This article was republished by The Sun with permission.