Teams took to the green at the Burnett Bowls Club for the Pennants final.
Teams took to the green at the Burnett Bowls Club for the Pennants final.

PHOTOS: Teams hit the greens for bowls finals

IT WAS a wet start to the day, but the weather cleared just in time for the Pennants Lawn Bowls finals this afternoon.

Local Division One and Two teams hit the greens at the Burnett Bowls Club with Division Three and Four at the Moore Park Bowls Club for the competition.

Today saw Bargara and Across the Waves face off in Division One, with Bundaberg and Across the Waves in Division Two.

The winner of Division One will head off to Yeppoon to play Central Queensland in the zone final.

This year the finals were played at two different locations due to covid restrictions.

Burnett Bowls Club chairman Des Kemp said while working out the logistics had been tough, it was fantastic to be back on the green.

"Every club that was closed for three months really felt it … it's really pleasing to be back out there," he said.

Mr Kemp said in competitive bowls, ages ranged from 10 years old up to people in their 90s.

"We've got a game grandparents can play with grandchildren, mum and dad can play with their children," he said.

"It's a very suitable game for people of all ages.

"Bowls is a sport where you don't have to be physically strong to play, you can play and be competitive because nothing is around the strength you have got."

He said, while bowls can stereotypically be seen as a sport for older people, there are more younger people in the game than you think.

"The average age of the Australian bowls team today is 25-years-old, so you can see the demographics have changed from 10 to 15 years ago," he said.

"We have two ex-juniors of the club out here playing today, your juniors will come back and play at some stage in their life.

"A lot of them will go to university and get jobs so bowls will be put on the hold for a little while, but rather than seeing them come back in their 40s and 50s, we're seeing them come back in their late 20s and early 30s which is really good for the sport."

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