German Serhat Palak turns his back on Ben Hussein.
German Serhat Palak turns his back on Ben Hussein. Brian Cassidy

GALLERY: Boxing tournament a hit with international fights

BOXING: In a Bundaberg bout like no other, Australia took on Germany in 13 international fights and won.

The boxing tournament held by the Attila Boxing Academy at the Bundaberg Multiplex saw the Aussies take out seven fights to Germany's six.

While a close race, one of Bundaberg's own Philip Kovacs saw success in the ring, while there was another couple of local wins on the undercard.

Taking on Mert Kocac and stepping up into the 81kg division, Kovacs said it was a hard fight because he only had half a week notice, but that didn't stop him bringing home the win.

"The hardest part was my lack of game fitness as I have been training but not sparring or fighting,” he said.

"At the start of the rounds I had a handle on my opponent by using my angles and popping in and out but as the rounds went on I began to become more sluggish and that's when the willpower kicks in.

"I was confident that I won the first and second round.”

Heading into the fight the main focus for Kovacs was to visualise the fight to get into the right mindset.

He said his experience of coaching within the gym really helped him figure out his opponent.

Kovacs said it was amazing to have an international fight in his home town.

Being a home fight, Kovacs said he was able to relax and it was great to have his friends, family and support behind him, the only downfall was the plethora of other events on that evening.

Organiser Attila Kovacs said the night ran well with good fights and match-ups throughout the evening.

He said there was a lot of work that went into organising an event like this, but he was happy with the result and the number of fights they were able to host.

While there was the Burnett Heads PBR Bull Mania event and the CQBL grand final on Saturday night, he said there was still a crowd of 200 people who filed into the Multiplex.

In the lead up to the night of boxing, there was a public weigh-in at the Bundaberg CBD which was well-received by all. He said the main event saw Australian Justis Huni victorious but the German opponent "really stood up”.

And the two are set for a rematch in Brisbane this weekend at the Golden Gloves tournament.

Kovacs said there would be five fighters from his gym heading to the tournament.

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