PASSION FOR HEALTH EATING: Nikki Brown from Grub Organics with fresh produce.
PASSION FOR HEALTH EATING: Nikki Brown from Grub Organics with fresh produce. Warren Lynam

Fresh take on food sorts out the fake stuff

NATUROPATH Nikki Brown is a self-confessed health nut and she is on a mission to help others.

The 32-year-old Pacific Paradise woman has just opened her "dream store" Grub Organics which offers a full wellness experience.

Ever since Mrs Brown was a teenager she has had a passion for staying healthy and eating nutritious food.

She can even remember the first health store she visited while on holidays on the Gold Coast.

Naturopathy studies and work in the health food sector and pharmaceutical industry seemed to be her destiny. The mother-of-three practises what she preaches and her children and husband Lee have all embraced this lifestyle.

"My children love kale chips (rather than potato chips)," she said.

"They're so easy to make and so nutritious. It is a great way to get the kids eating more greens."

Mrs Brown said she wanted people to question what they were consuming when choosing takeaways and pre-packaged food.

"Our supermarkets are full of foods that don't even deserve the title of 'food'," she said. "They are fake and manufactured 'food-like substances'. What exactly are we feeding our beautiful bodies on a daily basis?

"Is this something that is contributing to our health and wellbeing? And if not, why are we consuming it?"

Mrs Brown said that as a society, we had completely lost touch with nature in so many ways.

Mrs Brown completed her Bachelor of Naturopathy at Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW, in 2002 and has continued to develop her passion for real food.

She said the fuel-in-a-car analogy put healthy eating into perspective.

"The better quality fuel you are feeding yourself, the better your engine is going to run," Mrs Brown said.

"There are a lot of people on the Sunshine Coast (and abroad) who know they could be feeling better."

Mrs Brown said her organic store's point of difference was its support of local farmers and food suppliers.

Her cherry tomatoes are grown in Palmwoods and the watermelons come from Woombye.

"What an amazingly fulfilling feeling it is to know exactly where your food is coming from," Mrs Brown said.

Grub Organics official opening day and launch of the Grub Club at 20c Timari St, Pacific Paradise, is on Saturday, April 5, from 9am-5pm.