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Former Queensland MP faces fraud charges in court

DISGRACED former Newman government MP Scott Nicolaus Driscoll has had his fraud case mentioned briefly in court.

The former MP was charged last year with 16 offences including fraud, falsification of records and soliciting secret commissions after a lengthy Crime and Corruption Commission investigation.

Mr Driscoll, 40, who now lives in Kingaroy, did not appear on Monday in the Brisbane Magistrates Court where his case was adjourned until May 11 to allow police more time to compile their brief of evidence.

The CCC alleges that between August 2011 and May 2013 Mr Driscoll committed fraud offences worth $725,000 and solicited at least $400,000 in secret commissions from two entities.

But the CCC, which instigated the charges, has not alleged Mr Driscoll ever received the secret commissions.

The former Redcliffe MP sensationally quit politics in November 2013 shortly before the powerful parliamentary ethics committee was set to expel him for misleading the House.

The committee found Mr Driscoll had committed 48 counts of contempt after he failed to register 14 different interests on his own register and the register of related person.

The parliament subsequently fined him $98,000.