Baffling events: Talented footballer turns to car theft

A FORMER Faith Lutheran College student has been slapped with several charges including 'creeping'.

The promising footballer, Tyson White, 19, from Hatton Vale pleaded guilty to three charges including two of break and enter in Gatton Magistrates Court on Monday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Molinaro told the court several cars from Lowood and Kensington Grove were broken into during April and police traced the offences to a group including White.

Sgt Molinaro told the court two cars in Lowood were broken into and another was stolen.

A purse containing bank cards, a pair of red Nike runners and personal items were taken from a landcruiser and a BlueTooth speaker was stolen from a Suzuki Swift.

A Subaru Forrester was stolen when White noticed the keys in the ignition and told his co-offenders.

In June, police caught up to White and interviewed him at his home.

"He stated he and co-offenders walked through the streets trying doorhandles to vehicles in attempt to gain entry," Sgt Molinaro said.

Magistrate Kay Ryan said the offence of moving from car to car looking to break in was "otherwise known as creeping".

White's lawyer said the 19-year-old was employed and a talented footballer.

"He plays for the Gatton Rugby League club and also played A Grade for the Toowoomba Mustangs," the lawyer said.

"And (White) instructs me he signed next year for the Ipswich Jets."

He told Ms Ryan he couldn't work out why White committed the offences he was charged with.

"He doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs," he said.

"And he understands if he keeps getting in trouble, that's the end of his football career and you hear a lot about that in the news."

Ms Ryan told White he had everything else going for him.

"It is not going to be tolerated by anybody and it is going to be your downfall and you will lose all of your promising future, if you continue to do this sort of thing," she said.

"I don't know why you have. You have no history."

White pleaded guilty and was served six months probation.