DELIVERY: Nami Weir gave flowers to the police officers she attacked.
DELIVERY: Nami Weir gave flowers to the police officers she attacked. master1305

Former childcare worker gives flowers to police she attacked

A WOMAN who attacked two police officers at a shopping centre while battling through a rough trot sent flowers to the station as an apology to her victims.

Nami Shantal Weir avoided a conviction, but was fined $400 in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Monday, after the attack on December 11, 2018.

The court heard security officers at the Sunshine Plaza had called police, concerned about a woman in a toilet cubicle near McDonald's.

The two officers arrived and found Weir intoxicated and erratic in the cubicle.

Weir lunged at a Senior Constable from the cubicle and struck another in the leg, above the knee.

She then head-butted the officer in the left eyebrow.

As the other officer moved in to help she kicked out and struck the officer in the groin with her foot.

The court heard other police had been looking for Weir after she'd made threats to end her life, following a tough time during which she'd broken up with her boyfriend and made an attempt to take her own life in Gympie.

Weir, who turns 40 this year, had been a childcare worker for 10 years before losing her blue card at a tribunal and lost her job prior to the dramas.

The court heard she had no history of violence.

"That tells me that this is out of character for you," Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said.

He accepted it had been a "particularly bad" time for her.

The court heard she wanted to apologise and went to the police station to deliver an apology letter and a basket of flowers to the female police officer.

Mr McLaughlin accepted her apology was genuine.

Weir was fined $400 after pleading guilty to two counts of assaulting a police officer, but had no convictions recorded.

She was not required to pay any compensation to the officers.