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Forget cupcake stalls. There are healthy ways to fundraise

WITH sugar being banished from school tuckshops, the other great challenge facing parents and schools is finding healthy fundraising alternatives to the traditional chocolate box and lamington drives.

Walk-a-thons, run-a-thons, read-a-thons and even dance-a-thons have many parents donation-a-thonned out.

So, is there an easier way to raise money that's not so time intensive?

A recent online Healthy Fundraising Campaign run by The Parents Jury received such an overwhelming response that Nutrition Australia and Food Smart Schools compiled a list of healthy alternatives to fundraisers. 

No surprise first on the list - over hauling the school fete or festival to make money out of healthy food.

Some options include:

  • Corn on the cob - grill on the BBQ and sprinkle with paprika for flavour
  • Curries served with rice
  •  Noodle boxes- which include tasty, stir fried vegetables& meat or meat alternatives along with the noodles
  •  Healthy muffins, slices and scones
  • Jacket potatoes served with lean mince or baked beans and reduced fat cheese
  • Gourmet yoghurts or sushi vendors

But smart schools are raising money without having to pitch marques, spruik meal deals or sell raffle tickets.

Schools and sporting clubs, music groups and dance schools are signing on to collect regular cheques from companies who are happy to give back to the community with specially designed loyalty programs.

Queensland schools can collect thousands of dollars for free, four times a year, by working smarter not harder at fundraising by partnering with locally owned services such as House Call Doctor.

The company - that is Queensland owned and operated - is already helping the community by bringing back the traditional house call with 100% bulk-billed visits to your home when your regular doctor is closed.

Through it's Give-Back Program, House Call Doctor is handing over $1 to the school or club that their patient nominates when a booking is made using their phone app.

House Call Doctor marketing manager Lisa Bourke said once a school or club registers for free with House Call Doctor patients could nominate the school or club to receive points every time they booked using the app and those points are converted to cash.

"One point is one dollar so if there are 1000 app bookings over a school term from your network that's $1000 for your school or sporting club," Ms Bourke said. 

She said House Call Doctor called it the Give-Back Program because that is exactly what it is.

"We are in the health industry and finding healthy ways to help schools and clubs fundraise is important to us," Ms Bourke said. 

"The people who own House Call Doctor are parents, the managers are parents, most of our doctors have children - we understand how important it is that we can help our community."

House Call Doctor treats patients from Cairns to the Gold Coast.

"Trivia nights, silent auctions and school dances are always fun ways to raise money but they are hard work and you often have the same people having to dig deep into their pockets every time," Ms Bourke said.

Give-back programs give schools a healthy alternative to fundraising and gives the whole local community a chance to support them."

To start your school or club start collecting cash points register for free HERE