CHANGES: Upgrades to the Elliott Heads foreshore are about to be underway.
CHANGES: Upgrades to the Elliott Heads foreshore are about to be underway. Mike Knott BUN271218ELL8

Foreshore works begin at one of Bundy's best beaches

AFTER eight years, two floods and ongoing planning the Elliott Heads coastline is about to receive a long awaited facelift.

Division 6 councillor Scott Rowleson said contractors and council employees were on site, eagerly awaiting the arrival of earth-moving machinery to begin the upgrades.

"We're excited to get going, it's been a long time coming," Cr Rowleson said.

Cr Rowleson said over the next four months stages one and two of the proposed plans should be completed.

Eight upgrades are detailed throughout the two stages, which cover ground from the Elliott Heads point around to the surf club.

"There will be new amenities, green spaces, shelters, a viewing deck, wider pathways - there's lots going on," he said.

"There might even be a couple of little surprises for the Elliott Heads community."

Cr Rowleson said it would pay for locals and visitors to monitor the surf club and the adjoining car park area.

"It's likely construction will start there and then move down to the lower car park near the kiosk," he said.

He said the kiosk was a sub-stage of stage one, which might attract touch ups in the process of reinvigorating the area.

Cr Rowleson said stage one and two were scheduled for completion by June 30, weather permitting.

"This upgrade to the Elliott Heads area aims to bring it into the current day and age with a modernised and welcoming feel," he said.

"We want to look after our communities and keep them ticking along and vibrant."

Stages three and four will go to community consultation.

"We'll get this one done and dusted, seek community feedback and then go from there," Cr Rowleson said.