FORECAST: BoM's MetEye map on Chance of any rain at 1pm.Updated 3 Dec 2018, 6:25 AM AEST
FORECAST: BoM's MetEye map on Chance of any rain at 1pm.Updated 3 Dec 2018, 6:25 AM AEST BoM

FORECAST: Bundy could see 'golf ball sized hail' today

AFTER swealtering conditions were felt throughout the weekend, the Bundaberg region could see a thunderstorm this afternoon.

Beauru of Meteorology meteorologist Adam Blazak said the region could expect a "possible severe thunderstorm" today.

He said there could be thunderstorm action from Bundaberg north up to Rockhampton.

In light of the heat felt yesterday, Mr Blazak said in the system there may be "damaging to destructive winds" and "golfball or larger hail".

"Heavy intense rainfall could cause flash flooding," he said.

The cooler temperatures forecast for the week are the result of a southernly change - Mr Blazak said while today's maximum was 35 degrees, tomorrow's mercury was expected to reach 30 degrees and a cool 28 degrees on Wednesday.

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Mr Blazak said tomorrow Bundaberg was forecast to get a possible storm, however the rain is expected to fall in isolated areas.

With increased levels of moisture in the air, he said heavy rain may fall in one location.

"Not everyone will get it, but areas that are lucky enough could get 25mm up to 50mm," he said.

"(The rain) is not wide spead."

He said the southern change had moved into southeast Queensland.

Mr Blazak said when fighting fires, they like to know the direction of the wind and if this afternoon's forecast comes to fruition, it's going to make it difficult for those on the ground.

"It's going to get complicated with winds from all different directions," he said.

"And fire fighters are aware of that."

However, if a storm forms over a fire and drops 25mm he said it would go a long way to aid those battling the blaze.