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OUR SAY: Footballer’s death rocks Rockhampton community

THE death of Sunshine Coast footballer James Ackerman has rocked many people involved with rugby league.

The popular father-of-two passed away in hospital on Monday after suffering a serious head injury during the Sunshine Coast Falcons' Intrust Super Cup clash with Norths on Saturday.

Tributes are flowing for Ackerman and everyone's thoughts are with his family.

The shockwaves of this death will be felt within football communities across the country, including here in Central Queensland.

Many appreciate it could easily have been their brother, son, grandchild, mate or partner.

Last year Newcastle Knights' player Alex McKinnon suffered a spinal injury after a dangerous tackle in a game against the Melbourne Storm.

The rugby league community rallied around him and his story has become one of inspiration to many.

I'm sure the league community will also rally around Ackerman's family.

The game's administrators also need to ensure they do everything in their power to minimise risk for players.

Ackerman reportedly suffered a head injury in a tackle.

It's important the game's leaders understand how this tragedy occurred and work to make things safer.

Rugby league is a sport that has been around for more than 100 years and will be for another 100, I'm sure.

It's in the blood of Queenslanders, but no one wants to see anything like this happen again.