Water Tank Wallys!!
Water Tank Wallys!!

Fools on our Roads

DRIVING back from town this morning and a group of people have decided that it is OK to tow a water tank on the back of their - most likely - unregistered trailer, with no lights working and held down with flimsy rope and knots that my five year old old could've tied better.

The tank was way too wide for the trailer and it was slipping and sliding about. I just sat back and watched as there was no overtaking opportunity. Not that they would've known I was there, as they wouldn't have been able to see a thing with that huge snail shell they were carrying.

When coming up to Splitters creek it had to stop to let opposite traffic through as it was way too wide for the single lane it was driving in.

There were no signs of been a wide load, no lights to indicate they were braking, no brains for trying to do this themselves.

After bouncing around for a kilometre or so at 70kmh in a 100kmh zone one of the ropes fell off and they then had to pull over for some restructuring, where I noticed as passing they had kindly put some flashing lights on there piece of s--t car, to, well, at least give oncoming traffic a warning of their stupidity as it bumbled down the road.