Ken O'Dowd and his staff counting the survey responses.
Ken O'Dowd and his staff counting the survey responses. Mike Richards GLA030815SURV

Flynn still against same-sex marriage: survey

THE voters of Flynn haven't changed their stance on gay marriage according to the results of federal MP Ken O'Dowd's survey.

About 4000 people responded to Mr O'Dowd's survey sent to 60,000 homes and 66.4% say they are against gay marriage, while 179 people, or 4.82%, were undecided.

That's in contrast to the last survey taken in 2010-11 which had 1600 respondents with 90% saying they against legalising same sex marriage - a result Mr O'Dowd used to justify his stance against gay marriage.

Before the demise of Tony Abbott the federal government committed to holding a plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

The decision relieves MPs of having to take a public position on the issue and Ken O'Dowd won't say whether the latest survey has changed his mind.

Despite the promise of a plebiscite to let the people decide, we asked if given the opportunity for a conscience vote whether Mr O'Dowd would vote yes or no.

His response;

"I don't think it's appropriate for me to engage in hypotheticals around conscience votes," Mr O'Dowd said.

"I have always said that I would vote the way my electorate tells me to vote, which is why I put out an electorate wide survey.

"There will be no conscience vote in Parliament.

"Mine will just be another vote, like yours."

Here are the full results of the survey 

Legalise Same Sex Marriage (3,714 respondents)

  • Yes 28.78% (1069 respondents)
  • No 66.4% (2,466 respondents)
  • Undecided 4.82% (179 respondents)

Legalise Euthanasia (3,720 respondents) 

  • Yes 56.05% (2,085 respondents)
  • No 32.47% (1,208 respondents)
  • Undecided 11.48% (427 respondents)

Build More Dams (3,701 respondents) 

  • Yes 76.2% (2,820 respondents)
  • No 8.35% (309 respondents)
  • Undecided 15.45% (572 respondents)

Implement Daylight Savings (3,740 respondents) 

  • Yes 15.53% (581 respondents)
  • No 81.18% (3,036 respondents)
  • Undecided 3.29% (123 respondents)