DOWN IT CAME: Flooding on Moore Park Beach Rd.
DOWN IT CAME: Flooding on Moore Park Beach Rd. Mike Knott BUN021017WET1

Flashback to wild weather in Bundy

THE last time Bundaberg saw more than 200mm of rain in one day was October 2 last year, when vicious storms lashed the city ripping roofs from homes, causing flights to be cancelled and turning roads into rivers.

The region was yesterday preparing for similar rainfall, however the Bureau of Meteorology revised down its 200mm rain forecast for Bundy.

According to BoM, the record-smashing rainfall brought 319mm recorded at the Bundaberg alert and 238mm at the Bundaberg Airport alert.

Avenell Heights was hardest hit after a "landspout” tore through, causing widespread damage.

Blamey and Vasey Sts took a massive hit, with roofs damaged, powerlines destroyed and trampolines thrown up against power poles.

The weather system left 3000 properties without power. Emergency services responded to 90 calls for help, including roof damage and minor flooding in houses.