Five ways to be a good neighbour this Christmas

BECAUSE of financial pressures many Australians don't intend to go away this Christmas.

But they do intend to party... and at home.

And that means noise, loud music, parking chaos, rubbish - and potential run-ins with your neighbours.

Here is etiquette expert Patsy Rowe's top five tips on being a good neighbour this Christmas. 

Give a warning

1. Tell your neighbours when you're having a party so they can 'baton down the hatches' and be ready for the noise. There are laws covering noise pollution after a certain hour and police can be called in so be aware of this and keep it down before it gets to this point of no return.

Make new friends

2. If possible... why not invite your neighbours? That way they can't complain and it's a great way to make new friends - far better than making new enemies.

Explain the parking situation

3. Explain any parking problems in advance to your guests and suggest they come by taxi or public transport where possible. Ask them not to park across paths, neighbours' driveways or in private parking bays in apartment complexes.

Clean up after yourself

4. If you live in an apartment building and you're using the communal areas such as the pool or barbecue, neighbours will be pretty frosty the next day if they have to pick up empty beer bottles and plastic cutlery.

Bag your trash

5. If you're partying in a park or a communal area, take garbage bags so you can take your prawn heads and wine bottles back to where they came from.