Fire emergency shuts down Toowoomba region town

UPDATE: Firefighters have been credited with defusing a potentially explosive situation at Millmerran similar to that which blew apart the Angellala Creek Bridge in 2014.

About 40 people were evacuated from a caravan park and nearby homes when a tyre service centre on Campbell St at Millmerran caught fire about 5.30pm yesterday.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews were initially called to reports the business was on fire but on arrival found the blaze confined to a forklift on site.

Although the fire was quickly extinguished, there were concerns the leaking diesel could have mixed with urea stored inside the shed which could potentially have exploded.

Millmerran police Senior Constable Hans van Kempen said the caravan park across the road from the shop, and nearby homes, were evacuated and an exclusion zone put in place until almost midnight as the scene was contained.

"Every precaution was taken to ensure the safety of the town," he said.

QFES crews from Toowoomba, Pittsworth and Millmerran remained on scene until after 11pm securing the area and ensuring the two product compounds didn't combine.

A mix of diesel and urea caused the explosion when a truck rolled on the Mitchell Hwy near Charleville in September 2014.

That incident blew apart the Angellala Creek Bridge in what has been described as the largest ever explosion on Australian soil during peacetime.

Snr Const. van Kempen said the responding QFES crews in Millmerran were to be credited with preventing what could have been a devastating incident last night.

"They did a wonderful job in controlling it and taking every precaution to secure the area," he said.

6.30AM: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services were called to Millmerran overnight to reports a tyre service centre was on fire.

Crews from Toowoomba, Pittsworth and Millmerran responded to the incident at Elborne's Tyres in Campbell St about 5.30pm.

Despite initial concerns, when they arrived on the scene was isolated to a diesel forklift.

There were no injuries reported in the incident.