CLOSE CALL: Rural firefighters douse embers after putting out a fire at Bororen.
CLOSE CALL: Rural firefighters douse embers after putting out a fire at Bororen. Greg Bray

Fire crews, residents save homes from Bororen blaze

SEVERAL fire crews were called to a grass fire at Koorawatha Dr at Bororen just after midday today.

Six homes were threatened by the fire which took two hours to bring under control.

According to fencing contractors Jed Farraday and Corey Neill the fire initially started as a controlled burn on a nearby property.

"Someone was burning a bit of rubbish and it got away from them," Mr Farraday said.

"The fire escaped into a nearby paddock and we raced over to help put it out.

"While we were waiting for the firies all the neighbours came out to help as well, it was a real community effort."

Mr Neill said the fire crossed Reedbed Rd.

"There was like a mini-tornado in the middle of fire which was throwing embers around," he said.

"A water truck arrived from down the road where they're building a new bridge so that helped."


ON THE SCENE: Fencing contractors Corey Neill and Jed Farraday helped put out a grass fire at Bororen yesterday Greg Bray

The combined efforts of fire crews and neighbours stopped the fire before it could damage several homes and sheds.

"No homes were burnt and no cattle were injured," Mr Farraday said.

"I reckon about 150 acres was burnt.

"We were pretty lucky."


Fire crews were also keeping an eye on a second fire at the base of Castle Tower National Park.

Rural fire crews from Colosseum and Miriam Vale were called at 3.30pm to monitor two more fires on Bindaree and Jeffries Rds near Mount Tom which were permitted burns.

At 4.10pm in Gladstone, one fire crew quickly extinguished a small 20 square metre fire in bushland at Friend St in Barney Point.