ALL SMILES: Parkinsons sufferer Susan Ward with her African Grey parrot Georgie.
ALL SMILES: Parkinsons sufferer Susan Ward with her African Grey parrot Georgie.

Find out why Parkinson’s sufferer is all smiles today

PARKINSON'S sufferer Susan Ward was supposed to be going to a job provider on November 1 until she got a call today to approve her disability pension.

Ms Ward was forced to start looking for work after Centrelink denied her a disability pension despite her diagnosis of stage two Parkinson's.

Ms Ward was told by her neurologist upon diagnosis that she would have to quit her job and go on the pension as she was a falls risk, had constant tremors as well as many other side effects.

Ms Ward said she was so relieved that she had been approved and couldn't believe how quick the turnaround was after speaking to the NewsMail.

"It happened so quickly it was amazing, I felt a great relief that I don't have to go through a lot of red tape and stress," Ms Ward said.

"I got a call from human resources connected with Centrelink on Monday and she said that my claim for disability had been elevated because the NewsMail got in touch with Centrelink and that she was giving my case very high priority.

"Then she rang me back today and said that my disability pension is effective from today and I will be getting back paid as well."

Ms Ward said she was elated by the good news but was disheartened by the system and wanted to encourage other sufferers to stand up for their rights.

"I must say it is a shame that it is only because you got in touch with us and did the story that the case was elevated," she said.

"I just think there are so many people who have applied for disability pensions who have been denied and I just want to encourage anyone who feels deserving to fight for it.

"I hope my story can pave the way for other Parkinson's patients to stand up for their rights."