Writer/directoe/producer Scott D Clark in Bundaberg shooting stills for his short film titled Him. Photo: Mike Knott.
Writer/directoe/producer Scott D Clark in Bundaberg shooting stills for his short film titled Him. Photo: Mike Knott.

Filmmaker hoping to create out-Stan-ding pitch

THE stars are aligning for Bundaberg filmmaker Scott D. Clark and his upcoming feature film Him.

Having spent months fundraising, creating and organising various elements of the film he has made a major cast announcement as he works on a pitch for Australian streaming service Stan.

Written and directed by Mr Clark, the thriller follows detectives racing the clock to stop a monster on the hunt after a series of murders.

Married At First Sight’s Mike Gunner has been cast as the police captain, while Izzy Stevens, whose filmography includes Puberty Blues, Occupation and Underbelly will play the role of an FBI profiler.

With Stevens currently working in America and COVID-19 restrictions making it impossible for Mr Clark to leave the Australia, he has hired an American-based Second Unit to help film Stevens next month.

While he wouldn’t be able to be there in person, Mr Clark will still have eyes and ears in the room as he will direct the scene via a Zoom call.

Mr Clark said Stevens said she was excited to be working on Him.

Actor Izzy Stevens in Australian sci-fi film Occupation
Actor Izzy Stevens in Australian sci-fi film Occupation

“Scott has a great vision for the project and it’s particularly amazing that I am able to be involved even as we’re on different sides of the world, which speaks to the creativity and determination of our director,” she told him.

“As I’m based in LA now, Scott has remotely organised a crew to film here, which is an exciting challenge for all of us. I feel so fortunate to be involved in this fresh take on the crime drama thriller.”

Mr Clark said he met Stevens while he was a background extra in Occupation, and reached out to her for a role in his first feature film.

And while her scenes will be shot in LA, they will be edited in Australia.

It was through various industry connections that Gunner and TikTok’s Brad Pointon aka ‘The Silver Fox Guy’ were cast.

He said Gunner’s role was critical to the film itself and was eager to have Pointon, who has a TikTok following of more than 400K, on board.

Mike Gunner.
Mike Gunner.

According to Mr Clark, Gunner said after reading the script he was eager to become involved.

“It’s an emotional role and that’s right in my wheelhouse,” he told Mr Clark.

“I’m a bit emotional at the best of times. Should be a really interesting and fun experience.

“I loved the story and it I think it will appeal to a wide audience.”

In a statement to Mr Clark, Pointon said he took the role because he could relate to the position the character was placed in.

“Being placed in a position where you need to do and also be something he isn’t anymore just to please others, so I felt really strongly about trying to portray the character in more of a personal way as I have been through similar stages in my life …,” he said.

“What I loved about the production was the atmosphere – while it is largely a dark themed movie, the energy and vibe on set was light and happy, which you don’t usually find being on set in such dark-themed movies.
“The production team did/ is, doing an amazing job of bringing everyone together as a team and almost making it feel like we are one big family whilst still making the best film possible for viewers.”

Mr Clark said having cast with their own notoriety helped give the project more credibility and “closes any windows of doubt”.

For the former Bundaberg man, Stan is his dream location for the film.

Mr Clark said he’d be “eternally grateful: to see Him picked up as a Stan original.

By the time the film is complete he said there would be about 200 people involved from cast, crew and extras.

He said they were hoping to have a pitch package together by Christmas.

Mr Clark said with no real government funding at the moment, they were still crowd funding.

For more about the project, or help fundraise click here.