Plan to fly in cops to regional Queensland blasted

THE Queensland Opposition has blasted the proposal to fly police officers into regional centres claiming communities want more than just transient officers.

The Queensland Police Service is considering a proposal that will see officers flown into a community for up to seven days before being flown home again.

The proposal would be costly but would help alleviate staff shortages in some remote, regional and indigenous towns, and will likely help the service retain staff.

In a statement to APN Newsdesk the Queensland Police Service said it was committed to reviewing and delivering an agile mobile policing service to all communities.

"A report conducted by Sergeant Graeme Reeves into the concept of fly-in and fly-out policing was provided to the Queensland Police Service and included a number of options for review and consideration," it said.

"The concept of FIFO is one of the considerations the QPS is undertaking in delivery of service to communities to reduce crime, build stronger and safer communities and enhance partnerships."

However, Shadow Police Minister Bill Byrne said fly-in fly-out police officers should be the least preferred option for filling vacancies in rural and remote communities.

"The minister needs to release a full list of communities affected by vacant police jobs so we can all see just what communities he is taking for granted," he said.

"A system of FIFO police officers also makes a mockery of the Premier's pledge to bolster the population of regional Queensland communities.

"If there are problems attracting officers to certain posts the government needs to look at added incentives."