The woman said she was too stunned to say anything and the man drove off.
The woman said she was too stunned to say anything and the man drove off. Scottie Simmonds

Man exposes self in Bunnings carpark

A BRISBANE woman has warned women to beware of a man who approached her with his penis exposed and asked her for sex in the carpark of a Bunnings hardware store.

The woman, who didn't want to be named, said the incident happened on June 11 when she visited Bunnings at Keperra, in the city's northwest, for the first time.

"It was about 5.30pm and it's just my natural thing to park a little further away because I don't want other cars hitting me; it's just a habit," she said.

The woman said she noticed a man's car drive past her as she pushed a trolley containing a bag of potting mix.

"He must've turned around because I was nearly at my car. He turned down the line of parks that I was in, and I thought that was a bit weird because there weren't any other cars around," she said.

"I had my wits about me and turned around, and he had pulled up behind me and was like 'do you want to suck my d***?' He said it about three times and he pulled it out and showed me. I was like, what?

"I was just standing there kind of shocked and processing it all. I was worried as well because I was by myself. I was just standing there thinking what do I do, he might get out of his car."

The woman said she was too stunned to say anything and the man drove off.

"I just watched him because I was worried he might drive up further and get out of his car and come back. Then when he drove away a little bit, I was confident to turn my back and put my potting mix in the car, but I kept turning around," she said.

"I saw that he found another woman and he was driving beside her as well. After that he drove off."

The woman said the only description she could give was that she thought he was fair skinned.

"I just kind of froze up which was really strange. I think I was processing what happened," she said.

"I'll probably park closer in future which is unfortunate because I shouldn't have to. I feel sorry for him that that's how he spends his time."

The woman said she didn't think she had enough information to report it to police, but would do so today.

Bunnings' Queensland operations manager Margaret Walford said they were unaware of the incident until today.

"We are shocked and disgusted that this occurred in our carpark," she said.

"The safety of our customers and team is our highest priority and we strongly encourage the customer to get in touch with our store team and the police so that we can investigate and assist where we can."

Anyone with information should contact police.