The Shafston Hotel in East Brisbane. Picture: Google Maps
The Shafston Hotel in East Brisbane. Picture: Google Maps

Policewoman’s pay docked over pub fracas

A BRISBANE detective has been docked pay after she shoved a bouncer at a pub and tackled someone who intervened.

Detective Senior Constable Rebecca Tilse-Leckie - a former military officer - "physically pushed and shoved" a security guard of the Shafston Hotel while off-duty in December 2016.

She then pulled the hair of a bystander who got involved and later tackled that same person to the ground at the hotel.

It was also found Tilse-Leckie had inappropriately accessed the police database that same month.

Tilse-Leckie was investigated internally over the incidents, but the Crime and Corruption Commission was not satisfied with the outcome and challenged her punishment in the Queensland Civil Administration Tribunal.

Last month, tribunal senior member Professor Ned Aughterson sided with the CCC and ruled the officer should be bumped down a pay grade for 12 months, starting on September 28.

Tilse-Leckie was also ordered to complete a series of online police learning courses, including "Violence against the person" and "Ethics and ethical decision-making".

In her defence, the tribunal heard Tilse-Leckie had an exemplary record prior to the offending, including 14 unblemished years with QPS.

She also had a distinguished military career prior to joining the service in 2004.

According to the tribunal's decision, Tilse-Leckie accepted her initial punishment by QPS was inadequate.

She also acknowledged responsibility for her actions and accepted the serious nature of the matters.

Her reason for pushing the bouncer was not outlined.

"Certainly, in my view, a sanction of demotion in rank would be excessive," Prof Aughterson said in his decision.

Tilse-Leckie is eligible to progress to her old pay level on September 28, 2019.

From there, she can progress pay levels in accordance with her industrial arrangements.