Regular market goer Joyce makes a donation to winged angel committee secretary Nan Ott.
Regular market goer Joyce makes a donation to winged angel committee secretary Nan Ott.

Famous family flushes dunny team closer to total

DONATIONS have grown steadily in support of the Divine Dunnies mission to turn the Maryborough town hall toilets and green into a one of Australia’s finest public convenience precincts.

Along with the donations has come feedback on what citizens would like to see in the toilets.

Nancy Bates, chairman of the Divine Dunnies committee operating under the Maryborough City Progress Association banner, said donations large and small were edging the committee towards the target of $25,000.

A donation of $3000 from the Nioa Family had been a welcome boost.

Donations had also flowed steadily from citizens when the Divine Dunnies mascot, an angel-winged and decorated pedestal, has been wheeled out.

“The Nioa Family has been a source of strength in this city and we were delighted with this generous support. The response of people at the markets has also been rewarding.

“They have loved our ‘Dunny Angels’ outings with the decorated dunny. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Funds raised have passed the $18,800 mark as the committee prepares to engage an artist to create murals through the precinct.

Secretary Nan Ott said a regular market-goer Joyce was keen to see a more feminine women’s area in the toilets and as she made a donation was firm about “no unisex”.

“She said she wanted to do her hair and put her lipstick on without males looking over her shoulder.”

A separate father’s change area and better ventilation were also advocated.

Latest donations:

$3000 Nioa Family

$500 Amber Bates

$50 Dr Dale Johnson, Cassie Frank, Homewares from Everywhere, Gavin Patterson, Lunn family, W & G Schubert, Christine Watson

$20 P & B Dwyer, Joyce, Heather Kulikowski

Market donations $192.60

Previous donations:

$3000: Wade Sawmill, Maryborough Quota Club

$1000: Costigans Good Price Pharmacy, Carriers Carers Bingo group

$500: Anon

$250: Betsy Clark, A & R Nicholson

$200: R & H Jenkins, Sugar Coast Seafoods, J & S Bretz, PRD Realty, J & J Hyne

$100: A & R Morrison, Tailored Training, A & G Pitman, B Shields, T Hagan, G & T Bolderrow, K White, J Pierpont, T Bates, Dulcie, B & C Murdoch, J Elson-Green, A & N Ott, N Bates

$50: J Brazier, Sauers Bakery, Heritage News, P & R Bates, TLC Kennels, Murray Barnett Plumbers, D Everard, D Theuerkauf, G & J Cook, S & G Kenny, Gary Conyers, Dr Dale Johnston, J Kirk, Anon, L Swayn,

$20: P McIntyre, E Schultz, Sandy, Norma,

Other: Tina Warner, Land of Sweets, Linda, Maurie Reynolds, Susan Wiles, Kathryn,

Markets donations: $805.61

Councillor discretionary funds (Daniel Sanderson, Phil Truscott, Paul Truscott, Denis Chapman, David Lee, Zane O’Keefe) $53,435.79.

In-kind and donations for raffle: Ocean Exports Seafood, Heidi’s Beauty Shop, Carriers Arms Hotel, Bart Vanarey Pharmacy, Debbie Blanch, Hip Happening Hair, Reece Plumbing, Baddow Butchery, Jo’s Hairplace.