Family safe after car plunges through house’s roof

A CAR has smashed through the roof of a Brisbane home, landing just metres from where a family of four was sleeping.

Brent Gamble, his wife, baby boy and seven-year-old son were in their beds when a car veered off Buckland Rd, went through a fence and crashed through their house, which is set below the roadway, about 10pm on Friday.

The car landed in the bathroom and living room, coming just metres from entering one of the bedrooms.

Mr Gamble had to scale the car to get to his children.

"I literally jumped out of bed, headlights in my face when I jumped out of bed, [my] first thought was obviously the family. I tried to make sure that they were all okay," Mr Gamble said.

"We're lucky to be alive. It's like a scene in a movie."

The Gamble family had been packing to move out of the rental property next week.

The 19-year-old driver of the vehicle was treated for minor abrasions and lacerations, Queensland Ambulance Service said.

He was taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital in a stable condition.