The jailed sexual predator had a hearing at Brisbane Supreme Court.
The jailed sexual predator had a hearing at Brisbane Supreme Court. John Weekes

Facebook sex predator and possum killer stays locked up

A SEX predator who used Facebook to groom a 12-year-old boy has been deemed too dangerous for release into the community.

Bundaberg man Adam Lee Murray Crosswell was convicted and jailed in 2014.

He spent three days grooming the boy for sex but the child's mother alerted cops.

Previously convicted of killing possums with a meat cleaver, Crosswell was also jailed for possessing child exploitation material.

On Monday, Brisbane Supreme Court heard Crosswell had a sexual paraphilia for young males and substance abuse problems.

In Queensland, jailed sex offenders such as Crosswell can be put on supervision orders, released on parole with supervision, or given continued detention.

At the 2016 hearing and at Monday's, Crosswell did not oppose the Attorney-General's application under dangerous sex offender legislation to keep him detained - in 2014 he got three and half years jail.

Justice John Bond said a supervised release for Crosswell right now would not adequately protect the community.

The same court in 2016 decided to keep Crosswell detained.

Then, psychiatrists said Crosswell posed a risk of re-offending, unless he took a jail program for sex offenders.

But this time, Crosswell was taking the High Intensity Sexual Offending Program, which was expected to run till August.

The program could take longer for Crosswell because of his specific circumstances, Justice Bond said.

The court heard Crosswell had the chromosomal condition Klinefelter syndrome.

In some men, Klinefelter syndrome can cause cognitive and language deficits.

One psychiatrist said after the program, it might be possible to manage Crosswell's risk with a supervision order in the community.

"That obviously is something that remains to be seen," Justice Bond said. -NewsRegional