Pete Evans' has finally been silenced.

Facebook have gone to the extreme of deleting the disgraced chef's profile, after claiming that he was spreading "misinformation" that could lead to "imminent physical harm".

In a statement released by a Facebook company spokesperson, it read: "We don't allow anyone to share misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines that have been debunked by public health experts. We have clear policies against this type of content and we've removed Chef Pete Evans' Facebook Page for repeated violations of these policies."

One Twitter post revealing the news had a large amount of people commenting their gratitude that the chef had lost his voice on the platform.

"Woo bloody hoo. But about 2 months late," one user wrote.

"So who are we supposed to laugh at now?" wrote another.

Controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans has lost his Facebook page.
Controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans has lost his Facebook page.

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While the celebrity chef posts numerous conspiracy-style posts daily, he notably said last week that Sydney-siders should not get tested for COVID after the Northern Beaches outbreak.

Posting to Facebook, the outspoken anti-vaxxer shared a photo of an article that read: "Sydney COVID outbreak grows with two new cases overnight."

In his caption, Evans wrote, "OUTBREAK … 2 cases," along with the clown-face emojis.

He added: "Can you see where this is heading again. Testing for the common cold? Do not get tested."

He followed up with a number of posts about "sheeple".

There were comments from some of Evans' supporters agreeing with the outspoken celebrity.

"So this is the scare tactic to try convince people to get the vaccine when it hits Australia," one sceptic wrote.

"How sad to see all these fearful sheep being played like puppets," said another.

In November, Evans vowed he would be quitting his Facebook account, moving to US social media site Parler to free himself from "being censored".

However throughout December, Evans posted over ten times daily on Facebook.

Interestingly, Pete's Instagram page is still active.

Instagram is owned by Facebook.


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