Entrance to Lavarack Barracks.
Entrance to Lavarack Barracks.

Ex-army medic’s compensation win after friend’s suicide

A FORMER soldier will receive extra compensation from the Australian Defence Force over an incident where she found her friend dead at Lavarack Barracks in 2011.

The ex-army medic took the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal over a decision made by the Veterans' Review Board about the amount of compensation to which she was entitled.

Deputy president John Sosso found she was entitled to more compensation than the Veterans' Review Board had granted her.

The woman, referred to only as THSV in the decision, wrote in a compensation application made in 2011 that she had been in the ADF for three-and-a-half years.

The woman wrote that she found her "best mate" after his suicide in the on-base accommodation and afterwards she was posted to Brisbane.

"I feel I have become depressed, sad, no motivation for my career in the army, constantly being reminded every single day about what happened due to a number of emotional issues … I'm not keen to see any more trauma in my area as a medic," she wrote.

The woman was medically discharged from the ADF in 2013 and the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission has paid her permanent impairment compensation for the past five years.

After considering her conditions, Mr Sosso ruled her 57-point impairment should be increased to 70-point impairment, with the commission to calculate the appropriate amount of compensation.