Caravan outside the AAOK Caravan Park North Bundaberg.
Caravan outside the AAOK Caravan Park North Bundaberg.

Evictee sets up camp outside caravan park

THE owner of a caravan park is hopeful that council officers will today remove a man who has set up camp on the nature strip at the front of the park.

The man has parked his own caravan just outside the park's entrance after police evicted him from the park at the start of the month.

AAOK Riverdale Caravan Park owner Sara Guilmartin said the man had been given two months notice to vacate.

Ms Guilmartin said there were a number of reasons for his eviction, including he had allegedly become abusive to staff and had fallen behind in payment.

The owners were forced to take the matter to court and last month had a ruling in their favour.

The man's caravan was towed to the front of the park, but it hasn't moved since November 1 and Ms Guilmartin said it was an eyesore and had the potential to deter other visitors.

"My main concern is the damage that this is doing to our park," Ms Guilmartin said.

"If a guest comes to check in and stay with us and sees an unroadworthy, unregistered caravan sitting out the front of our business with rubbish all over the ground, it worries me that it will damage our business name and impact our turnover."

The man claimed he was being discriminated against and said though behind in rent he had a payment arrangement in place with the previous owners.

He said he was unable to remove the caravan as it was unregistered and his car did not have a tow bar attached.

He said he arranged for a friend to assist him with the removal of the caravan on Sunday but the person never turned up and he was working towards relocating as soon as possible.

She hopes council will be able to remove the man from out the front of the premises today.

"The council contacted me to put my mind at ease," Ms Guilmartin said.

"I appreciate the council supporting local businesses and I really hope it does happen (Tuesday)."

The park owner recommends other accommodation services in the area to apply caution with future guest applicants.

"For any other caravan and holiday park owners in the area, I encourage them to be very selective about the guests they allow to stay and if there's ever an early sign of trouble or rent arrears, trust your instincts."

Bundaberg police Sergeant Tim Marinnan said police had done everything within their abilities to move the man on and the man was now on council property.

After obtaining a warrant and issuing a notice to the man, police arrived to remove the man from the property.

But he had already moved to the pavement outside the caravan park

A spokesperson from the council said the matter was under investigation and they planned to visit the site today.

"Council officers are continuing an investigation into the circumstances surrounding an unregistered vehicle parked on public land near the AAOK Riverdale Caravan Park," the spokesperson said.

"Council officers will visit the site (today) in an effort to finalise an outcome satisfactory to all parties."