Wests Tyson Douglas grabs hold of Hervey Bays Tiko Hooper.
Wests Tyson Douglas grabs hold of Hervey Bays Tiko Hooper.

Everything is on track for next year’s league season

LEAGUE: Queensland Rugby League Central Division chairman Danny McGuire says fans and clubs should be excited for what is going to happen next year.

And changes are coming but it will take time.

McGuire made the comments after some comments following the annual general meetings for the Bundaberg Rugby League and the Northern Districts Rugby League on Sunday and some recommendations were made.

Those were discussed last night in another BRL meeting.

BRL chairman Mike Ireland and NDRL chairman Neil Redfern were elected again and while some things were staying the same, other areas were changing and making the game better.

“Lots of things are happening,” McGuire said.

“We’re playing everything, mostly, on Sunday games.

“We’ve also got at least six under-18 sides in the BRL, which is a 50 per cent increase on last year.”

McGuire said the BRL, the NDRL, and the QRL Central Division met at Childers recently to discuss the direction of everything moving forward.

The goal is to one day form an own committee and a central body to oversee the whole area and run the competition.

But he stressed it would take time and was not a quick solution.

“It’s my hope, but I’m not enforcing it,” he said.

“The idea is to create proper governance for the whole area.”

He was also quick to comment on those on social media who were calling for home and away to be implemented in the BRL.

McGuire said clubs had opted not to pursue it and in some instances clubs didn’t have the facilities to host.

“If clubs push it, I’m sure Mike (Ireland) will look at it.

“Easts don’t have dressing sheds and Brothers don’t have the public toilet facilities.

“The Waves can host but they are not keen as it takes money to host events.”

McGuire said it was up to everyone to work together.

The QRL Central Division will also work with those clubs in the NDRL and those that potentially join the NDRL in the Isis Devils, Burnett Cutters and Maryborough Brothers if they can’t meet the requirements for BRL.

“People in the area need to be more positive,” McGuire said.

“The forum collected a lot of information and the plans are there for the future.”