BANISH BLEMISHES: Make a few changes to your diet and see the benefits in the mirror.
BANISH BLEMISHES: Make a few changes to your diet and see the benefits in the mirror. Thinkstock

Eight tips for waging war on pimply skin

DID you know that what we chose to eat and put in our bodies can impact how good or bad our skin is?

And some foods can trigger pimples and acne?

Well they can.

While genetic factors do the groundwork and create the canvas on which our skin is based, diet plays a significant role on how that canvas looks.

Melbourne dermatologist Professor George Varigos confirms that yes, fast foods or processed foods including soft drinks, sweet foods, sugary snacks and white bread do indeed cause pimples.

The reason is these foods cause a disruption in metabolism and drive oiliness and dryness patterns which then causes an over-production of oil, leading to acne.

So what's the solution?

Here are some tips for naturally beautiful skin:

- Avoid junk foods and make a quick switch to a clean, wholefood void of anything processed to reduce new spots forming and calm existing spots.

- Avoid refined carbohydrate-dense foods and drinks such as sweets foods or drinks and alcohol as they tend to lead to poorer quality skin.

- Drink eight glasses of quality water per day.

- Fresh vegetable juices are wonderful. Try using carrot, spinach, celery, ginger, purple carrot and turmeric.

- Include other skin beautifying foods in your diet such as chia seeds, flax seed oil, raw almonds, avocado, berries and mung<TH>beans.

- Chew your food 30-40 times a mouthful to minimise large pores and encourage clear skin.

- Keep your hands away from the affected areas. Touching can make breakouts worse.

- Maintain a consistent cleansing routine with a natural brand in skin care, especially before bed to remove dirt and/or make-up, and change your pillowcase often.




2 large purple or orange carrots, washed if organic and skinned if conventional.

1 stick of celery, rinsed

1 handful of parsley, rinsed

1 handful of baby spinach, rinsed

1/2 teaspoon, fresh ginger


Juice in your juicer and enjoy.