SAVIOUR: Jemma Eather with dog Molly, who she saved from being eaten by a snake last week.
SAVIOUR: Jemma Eather with dog Molly, who she saved from being eaten by a snake last week. Adam Hourigan

Eight-foot python meets its match

A 19-YEAR-old Yamba girl has done a fair impression of Xena Warrior Princess or Wonder Woman to save her little dog, Molly, from a marauding python in her backyard.

Jemma Eather had returned from a night out with friends on January 15, fed the family's nine-year-old shih tzu-maltese terrier cross and let her out into the backyard.

"She heard a scream that woke the neighbours and raced into the backyard to find the tiny dog in the jaws of an eight-foot python," said Jemma's mother, Cindy Porra.

"The adrenaline must have kicked in because Jemma grabbed the snake and flung it across the yard, but it wouldn't let go of Molly.

"It whipped its tail around to wrap around Molly and squeeze, but Jemma grabbed its tail again and hurled it into the fence."

"This time the snake let go of the little dog and Jemma was able to grab her."

When Jemma and a neighbour attended to Molly's injuries, they found four puncture wounds in her back and a piece of snake fang in one of the holes.

"She must have flung it hard against the fence to snap off a bit of its tooth," Ms Porra said.

"They pulled out the tooth with a pair of tweezers.

"It's really lucky she came out and was able to do what she did. In another minute I don't think we would have had our little dog."

Ms Porra said the sound of the battle had roused the neighbourhood.

"With the screams from Molly and Jemma, we had all the neighbours up and the police there," she said.

After the event, Ms Porra said she started to have suspicions the snake had staked out her house to eat the dog.

"One of our neighbours said she had seen the snake earlier, with two lumps in it," she said.

"They must have been the possums that live in our neighbour's backyard. They're not there anymore."

She suspected the snake had hidden itself under the cover of a Harley Davidson motorcycle to ambush the dog when it came into the backyard.

"We're not out in the bush by any means - Austens Lane is in town," she said.