From the editor's desk: Keeping you informed on the election

IT'S been a short campaign but it feels much longer. 

Ten candidates are battling for the seat of Hinkler and the NewsMail has been there every step of the way whether it's to share their views on mining or just to give a simple list of what each candidate stands for.

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I recently wrote an editorial in the paper pondering the choices we make in an election, with the conclusion that the very worst choice we can make is an uninformed one.

I sometimes wonder why slamming politics and politicians is almost a sport among Australians yet very few people are paying attention when it comes to parties, policies, leanings and connections - you know, all the things that actually matter a lot.

This year I've had several people point blank say to me "who should I put first on the ballot?" and my response is always to give a five-second rundown on who each person is and what they're standing for or against and then let those people make their own decisions.

The thing is, many people, unless they are deeply involved in politics, they don't know Labor from Liberal or Greens from One Nation.

They may know a few key points that hit the media but quite often no one is making connections because they're
all just "politicians".

I've witnessed polling booths where people walk in to vote and say things like "I'm just going to donkey vote because I have no idea who anyone here is".

Here at the NewsMail we truly hope that we can provide locals with enough information and analysis that they can make their own minds up about who they're voting for and in a way that's informed and educated. 

It's up to all of us to make a wise choice that will take us in the direction most of us want to go.

And while you're at it, here's a little piece we penned on why kindness to election volunteers matters

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Crystal Jones

Online editor