KALKIE State School students have donned their Easter hats for a special parade and visit from the Easter bunny.

The Kalkie school hall filled with life and laughter yesterday as students showed off their talents and paraded their fine millinery work.

Students sang, danced and performed with recorder and percussion for family and friends at the Easter parade.

Kalkie State School music teacher Sharlene Peterson said the annual event was a traditional at Kalkie and had been running for more than 25 years.

The music teacher said the children really enjoyed the parade and had fun with music and movement.

"A little boy in year one was new to the school and he came up to me after the parade and said, 'I had a wonderful time Mrs P', that was pretty special," Mrs Peterson said.

"For the preps, this is their very first public performance."

Mrs Peterson said the parents and grandparents were overwhelmed and impressed with their children.

And children were impressed as well with a special surprise visit from the Easter bunny.

"The children just love that and they actually believe that's the Easter bunny. I think that's magical," Mrs Peterson said.