DZ Deathrays Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley.
DZ Deathrays Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley. Contributed

DZ Deathrays living on $2 a day

HOW would you survive on $2 a day?

How would you eat, pay the bills or find a safe place to live?

Bundaberg boys and DZ Deathrays band members Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley have left behind all of the comforts of every day life to live below the poverty line for one week.


The dance/punk duo, who rose to fame after releasing their first debut album Bloodstreams in 2012, are living off just $2 each a day this week as part of the Live Below the Line campaign.

"The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and funds to help fight poverty around the world and bring education to those who don't have equal opportunities in less fortunate countries," Parsons said.

It's definitely been hard. Giving up coffee, meat and sweets has been tough. The hardest bit though is being on tour at the same time. It's pretty much impossible to eat off $2 unless you are at home all week.



Live Below the Line is run by Oaktree, one of Australia's largest youth-run organisations.

The fundraising campaign helps Australians take action on poverty with thousands of participants making their meals count by feeding themselves on $2 a day for five days.

"We haven't done anything like this before. It is a great opportunity for us to use the band as a platform to raise awareness on this very important issue," Parsons said.

"Every little bit really helps."

The campaign has so far raised almost $680,000. Money raised will go towards funds for work that helps end poverty.

To find out more or to donate, visit



The Facts:

Oaktree spends 76% of donations on work that helps fight poverty. Some of that money funds education programs delivered by partners in Cambodia, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea.

Some of the money funds the work in Australia, to raise public awareness of extreme poverty and to campaign for strong policy action to help end it.

Approximately 12% of donations enable fundraising and 12% covers vital costs of accountability and admin. These figures are based on a 2014 annual report.

All donations to Oaktree are tax-deductible.