NEW ADVENTURE: Bundaberg's Colby Richardson and Lachlan Patterson have signed for the Redcliffe Dolphins in Brisbane.
NEW ADVENTURE: Bundaberg's Colby Richardson and Lachlan Patterson have signed for the Redcliffe Dolphins in Brisbane. Mike Knott BUN101018LEAGUE1

DUO OFF TO CHAMPIONS: Bundy boys sign for Redcliffe

LEAGUE: A few months ago signing for an Intrust Super Cup team was the last thing Bundy's Lachlan Patterson expected to do.

The 17-year-old was playing for The Waves in AFL Wide Bay after moving away from the sport he played as a child.

"I quit and played AFL,” he revealed.

"I'd been playing footy for six to eight years and got offered nothing so I thought I wasn't good enough.”

Patterson then represented Wide Bay in league at the school titles and his fortunes changed.

He was in the right place at the right time with the Redcliffe Dolphins scouting him after his performances.

Now he is part of the defending Intrust Super Cup champions for next year after signing a three-year deal.

"They contracted the school and the teacher told me about it,” he said.

"I went down for an academy camp and got the contract.

"It's very good, I didn't expect three years.”

The Bundaberg State High School student will be joined by fellow Bundy player Colby Richardson who also received a three-year deal.

The duo will play in the Mal Meninga under-18 team next year and hopefully progress to under-20 and the Intrust Super Cup one day.

"(The three years) it gives me time to put in hard work and try to impress scouts and see what happens,” Patterson said.

"I performed well (at the Wide Bay titles) so it was a good indication that I'll be ready.” Richardson said the club decision was great for him with a planned move to Brisbane already happening next year. "I figured I needed a club to move to as I started uni in Brisbane,” the Bundaberg Christian College student said.

"I got offered to go to the country academy and got a contract after that.

"The security of the contract is good and it is more professional than anything I have ever experienced.”

Both will now travel to play at the same club together.

But while both get along well there will be some rivalry as the new season gets started.

The duo play in the same position at second row/lock.

"There's a bit more motivation,” Richardson said.

"But it's good to play with someone you know on and off the field.

"Me and Colby have been growing up playing rep footy together so there is some chemistry there,” Patterson added.

"It's all friendly between us.”

The teenagers will now prepare for their final exams at school before moving to Brisbane. Both thanked coaches, parents and their teammates for getting them this far.