A aerial shot of the vehicles after they arrived back in Hervey Bay.
A aerial shot of the vehicles after they arrived back in Hervey Bay. Joseph Canning from Hawkeye Access

Dunga Derby raises a whopping $260,000

AFTER four days and three nights on the road, those taking part in this year's Dunga Derby rolled back into the Fraser Coast on Sunday afternoon.

More than 1300km were behind them, as well as many fun times, running repairs and good meals.

This year a record amount was raised by the event, a fact that put an extra spring in the step of those who took part in the derby this year, organiser Dave Darmody said.

With a total exceeding $260,000 there was also a record 55 cars on the starting line.

"It was a hard year to keep people initially motivated - the best we could do was provide optimism.

"Because people continued to spread our brand, we were able to get to October to run a successful event."

Mr Darmody and the best thing about Rally for a Cause, the charity Dunga Derby supports, was that it was not tied to any one illness or circumstance.

"Our criteria is around identifying families on the Fraser Coast who need some assistance.

"There are so many reasons to need our assistance.

"There are a multitude of ways people can find themselves in dire straits."

Mr Darmody said the biggest testimony to the success of the charity was the way in which so many former recipients became participants, because they had felt the support that was provided first hand.

"It's a way of putting something back and having a tonne of fun," he said.