Another dugong found dead

ANOTHER dugong has met a grisly end in Gladstone Harbour.

The animal died in the Calliope River and was found near the NRG power station, where warm water is piped out and marine life is known to enjoy these conditions.

The Department of Environment and Resource Management confirmed reports about the dead mammal that began filtering through to The Observer yesterday morning.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services operations manager Dave Orgill said the service received a report via its hotline that a local person had found the dead dugong overnight on the river.

“QPWS immediately retrieved the carcass,” he said.

“Staff did a necropsy (animal autopsy) with assistance from a local vet.

“Initial indications are that the animal was healthy and died through massive trauma to its mid section. While results are yet to be validated, the trauma is consistent with boat strike.”

Former Environment Minister Kate Jones announced a scientific panel to investigate the recent deaths of animals in the Gladstone Harbour two weeks ago.

“This death will be investigated by the scientific panel that has been established to investigate the recent deaths of a number of dugongs, dolphins and turtles in waters off Gladstone,” Mr Orgill said.

It has been a bloody year for dugongs in the Gladstone region.

This is the third dead dugong found in less than a month and three dead dolphins were also found in May.

Anyone who finds dead or injured marine wildlife should call the QPWS hotline on 1300130 372.