Drunk pregnant woman reported at watchouse


3.05PM: Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics are responding to a report of a pregnant woman suffering from severe intoxication.

The 29-year-old is at the Rockhampton Police Station Watch House and reportedly has a blood alcohol content of .338.

That level of BAC is regarded as very dangerous.

The list below shows warnings for various levels of BAC.

A BAC of up to .05 g% is likely to cause a feeling of wellbeing. Likely effects are being talkative, more relaxed and more confident.

A BAC of .05 - .08 g% is likely to make you at risk of impaired judgment and reduced inhibitions.

A BAC of .08 - .15 g% is likely to put you in a risky state. Likely effects include slurred speech, impaired balance and co-ordination, unstable emotions and possibly nausea and vomiting.

A BAC of .15 - .30 g% will put you at high risk with likely effects to be inadequate breathing, unable to walk without assistance, loss of bladder control and possibly loss of consciousness.

A BAC of over .30 g% is likely to put you in a coma or result in death.