PUNISHED: John Malcolm McBrien was fined $1100 and disqualified from driving.
PUNISHED: John Malcolm McBrien was fined $1100 and disqualified from driving. social media

Drunk dad on school run dobbed in

A MAGISTRATE has condemned the actions of a Bundaberg dad who picked up his daughter from school while three times over the legal limit.

John Malcolm McBrien was fined $1100 and banned from driving for one year for the "completely unacceptable" offence, which happened on July 31.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland said police received a tip-off that a man driving a red Mini may have been under the influence.

When officers pulled the car over, they saw a child in the passenger seat.

McBrien blew a blood alcohol reading of .150.

Speaking to Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan, McBrien claimed he hadn't "pre-meditated" to pick his daughter up.

McBrien said he'd had a fight with his wife and had gone to the pub in the morning, before texting his wife about 2.50pm asking who was picking their daughter up from school?

"She didn't reply and so I sent another saying 'I guess I am'," McBrien said.

"It was a foolish decision and I regret it."

McBrien said he had four kids and was "very ashamed" at his actions.

Ms Hartigan said there were two very serious aspects of McBrien's offence.

"First, you drive under the influence of liquor, it is the most serious drink driving charge. And it was not a random breath test - someone reported you to police," she said.

"The second issue is your child was in the car. That is so dangerous.

"To put your own life at risk is one thing, but to put your child's at risk is another ... whether you had a fight with your wife or not.

"She (daughter) would have been better to have waited an hour at school than have her life at risk."

She said McBrien should have known not to drink and drive, considering two previous drink drives on his history.

"Its one thing to kill yourself or even your daughter, but you could have killed someone who was going about their lawful business," she said.