Methamphetamine pure crystals.
Methamphetamine pure crystals.

Drug case finally heard after two years

A MAGISTRATE referred to a drug possession case as "McCafferty's buses" because it had been through so many courts across Australia.

Yesterday in Gladstone Magistrates Court, Adam John Reynolds pleaded guilty by phone to two counts of possess dangerous drugs, four counts of possess anything used in commission of a crime, possess knife in public, possess property suspected of been acquired for purpose of a drug offence and fail to appear.

Police prosecutor Merilyn Hoskins said on September 15, 2018, Reynolds was seen by police in Townsville entering a red car, which was intercepted.

She said when police spoke to the people in the car they all seemed nervous and Reynolds and another person were taken for a pat-down search.

Police found Reynolds had two clip-seal bags with 2.36g of meth that was estimated to be 70 per cent pure with an estimated street value of $1200.

In the boot of the car police found 32g of marijuana estimated to be worth $600, scales, a grinder, more clip-seal bags, another crystal substance, a glass pipe and a knife.

Reynolds told police all the items belonged to him and the marijuana was for personal use. He was due to have the matter heard in Gladstone last June 10 but he didn't appear.

On February 3, Reynolds attended a police station to say he had moved to Canberra and was just made aware there was a warrant outstanding for him.

The court was told Reynolds tried to have the matter heard in his absence, which had not occurred, and because his property was handed back he assumed it was finalised.

Reynolds told the court he had been travelling to find work. He was sentenced to three months' jail, immediately suspended for 12 months. Convictions were recorded.