Road quiz issues. Picture: RACQ
Road quiz issues. Picture: RACQ

Road question confuses Australia in what looks simple

A SEEMINGLY ordinary diagram of a road is testing Australian motorists' driving knowledge and their ability to spot potential hazards.

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) decided to put its followers' skills to the test by asking them to point out the issues with the picture.

The photo shows four vehicles travelling along a road with a speed limit of 100km/h.

A blue, sliver and yellow car are travelling on one side of the road while a truck drives on the opposite side.

The silver car has its indicator on to turn right, which would take it across the path of the truck.

At first glance the picture seems to show a pretty normal situation that many drivers encounter while out on the road.

Can you find all the dangers hidden in this diagram? Picture: RACQ
Can you find all the dangers hidden in this diagram? Picture: RACQ

But, according to the RACQ, there are many hidden dangers in the picture.

Social media users were asked to point out the major problems with the road that could lead to a crash.

"There are more than 3 road design issues which can increase the risk of crashes on this road," the RACQ wrote on Facebook.

"Tell us what you think they are."

Many people believed the big problem was the high speed limit.

"Speed limit way too high for the narrow road," one person said.

"The 100km sign should be reduced to 80km," another person agreed.

Others pointed out that the passing lane on the left wasn't long enough, meaning cars wouldn't be able to get around a vehicle that was waiting to turn.

Some people were more worried about all of the trees, claiming having them so close to the road poses a risk to drivers.

Many drivers believed 100km/h was way too fast for the type of road pictured.
Many drivers believed 100km/h was way too fast for the type of road pictured.

"Trees are too close to the road. Even with trimming to allow wider/high vehicles they can increase injuries and fatalities when impacted if too close to roads," one person suggested.

Other drivers pointed out issues with the line markings and the lack of signs, but there were a few that didn't see anything wrong with the road at all.

"Nothing wrong at all with that intersection only problem is stupid incompetent drivers," one person wrote.

"Lots of roads in Oz have 100kmh through road intersections, and no turning lanes. It doesn't necessarily make them unsafe. The onus is on the driver to understand AND apply the rules," another said.

One person added that motorists would handle the road just fine if they learned how to "chill".


After receiving hundreds of different answers, the RACQ eventually revealed the main dangers the road presented.

It said that, while there were many possible answers, there were five main issues, including:

•Undivided road with no separation from oncoming traffic

•Trees or other fixed objects too close to the roadside

•Intersection with no protected right turn lane

•Narrow lanes and unsealed shoulders

•Speed limit high for the surrounding environment