Ipswich train station was cordoned off on September 16 last year after a fatal shooting.
Ipswich train station was cordoned off on September 16 last year after a fatal shooting.

Angry drunk's afternoon pee at fatal shooting a bad call

IT was a case of wrong place, wrong time for a man who found himself at the Ipswich rail station in the aftermath of a tragic incident.

Police were commencing investigations into a fatal shooting when Atim Deng wandered into the cordoned off scene.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Deng was urinating and had been drinking alcohol.

He became argumentative when police directed him to leave the area.

In the process, Deng caused an injury to a female police officer.

Deng, 27, from Ipswich, pleaded guilty to assaulting the officer at Ipswich train station on September 16 last year when adversely affected by alcohol; and causing a public nuisance.

"I'm probably guilty," Deng told Magistrate Donna MacCallum when she asked him about the charges.

"No it's guilty, I'm sure," Deng said.

He also pleaded guilty to breaching his bail between November 29 and December 18, 2018.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Bernard Elmore said Deng did not notify police he was changing his bail address.

Snr Const Elmore said Deng's main offences came in the aftermath of an incident in which police fatally shot a man at Ipswich train station at 4pm on September 16.

Police had cordoned off the station area near Bell and Brisbane streets, but Deng was found urinating at a bench seat inside the rail station while drinking liquor.

Police wanted him to leave and Deng began swearing.

While being led out of the station to Bell St he was still drinking liquor and abused a police officer.

Deng became irate and began to struggle, and the female officer's shoulder was injured.

The officer managed to subdue him, with Deng arrested and handcuffed.

Deng initially said he did not need a lawyer, then decided he wanted the legal services of a duty lawyer.

After the matter was put on hold, Deng returned to the court with legal aid lawyer Alexis Oxley.

Ms Oxley informed the court that Deng had been approved for legal aid funding the day before.

Ms Oxley sought for his sentence to be adjourned.

His guilty pleas were not withdrawn and Deng will return to court for sentence on February 26.