NAMED AND SHAMED: A Current Affair referred to Bundaberg as
NAMED AND SHAMED: A Current Affair referred to Bundaberg as "Australia's dole capital”, a title it no longer holds. A Current Affair

DOLE CAPITAL: Bundy no longer tops Newstart list

BUNDABERG no longer holds the unwanted title of "Australia's dole capital”, overtaken by a postcode in Sydney.

The Rum City was named and shamed as having the highest number of dole recipients during national coverage of the Cashless Debit Card introduction in January, causing a stir on social media.

But the most recent quarterly data released by the Department of Social Services reveals that is no longer the case, following a 9.8 per cent decline in the number of people in the 4670 postcode collecting Newstart from the three months ending in June to the three months ending in September.

The area went from 4196 recipients to 3783, down 433.

Now the postcode with the highest number of Newstart recipients is 2170, Liverpool and surrounding suburbs in Sydney's south-west, which now has 3928 residents claiming the dole.

The decrease in Newstart recipients in 2170 during the September quarter was about half of that in 4670.

The Bundaberg postcode now has the second highest number of residents on Newstart, with Cairns (4870) behind in third.

Both Childers and Gin Gin postcodes also had a decline in Newstart recipients, with Childers (4660) decreasing from 455 in June to 415 in September, and Gin Gin (4671) dropping from 469 to 445.

More than 48,000 people across Australia stopped receiving a Newstart allowance during the September 2018 quarter, with a new total of 679,518 recipients down from 727,533 previously.

Bundaberg recipients of Newstart under 35 years of age are currently being issued with the CDC, which quarantines 80 per cent of their welfare payments on a card which cannot be used to buy alcohol, gamble or withdraw cash.

The remaining 20 per cent is paid as cash into their normal bank account.


Residents receiving Newstart payments, September quarter

1 Liverpool (2170): 3928 (down 9.84% on previous quarter)

2 Bundaberg (4670): 3783 (down 5.84%)

3 Cairns (4870): 3717 (down 10.43%)

Childers (4660): 415

Gin Gin (4761): 445

Residents receiving Newstart payments, June quarter

1 Bundaberg (4670): 4196

2 Liverpool (2170): 4172

3 Cairns (4870): 4150

Childers (4660): 455

Gin Gin (4761): 469