Stephen Bland appealed after the council voted against a proposed greyhound kennel expansion. (File photo)
Stephen Bland appealed after the council voted against a proposed greyhound kennel expansion. (File photo) Paul Donaldson BUN040715GREY6

Doggone it: Irritation over greyhound kennels

IT MIGHT be a good place to live if you're a dog lover.

But the noise and other impacts of more than a dozen Bundaberg greyhounds have inspired a long-running legal battle.

On Tuesday, greyhound trainer Stephen Bland said he'd done "everything possible” to satisfy local authorities about his kennels.

Last year, Mr Bland appealed after councillors voted unanimously to reject plans boosting the Woodgate kennel from 18 to 38 dogs.

A broader dispute dates from 2013, when the council approved a 12-dog kennel.

The case is now with the Planning and Environment Court in Brisbane.

Bundaberg Regional Council lawyer Michael Connor said a joint meeting of noise experts developed "a sophisticated proposal” to fix the kennel situation this year.

But he told the court Mr Bland did not adopt that proposal.

"The council's lost patience with the appeal process.”

Mayor Jack Dempsey last year reportedly said there were compliance issues at the site from 2014. Mr Connor reiterated those claims this week.

But Mr Bland said an expert found "more noise coming from cicadas” than the kennels.

Mr Bland told Judge Richard Jones he was "bending over backwards” to try appease the council.

"We won't be breeding anymore. We're not expanding anymore ... we've just been under so much pressure.”

The trainer said he'd put in additional fencing too.

He said it was a rural site and some neighbours had dogs, cats, aviaries, pigs, cattle, sheep and goats.

Mr Bland said he had 18 racing dogs, five retired ones and a kelpie-type pet.

Judge Jones said the council made a "generous” invitation for Mr Bland to make another application with appropriate plans for the kennels.

Judge Jones will hear the matter again on November 9.

Outside court, Susanne Enright said the dogs barked incessantly.

Ms Enright said her former partner lived next door to Mr Bland and another local was "ballistic” about the kennels.

"It's bulls---. The council should never have let them have this development in the first place,” she said. -NewsRegional