The judges' scorecards from Wednesday night's bout between Jeff Horn and Michael Zerafa.
The judges' scorecards from Wednesday night's bout between Jeff Horn and Michael Zerafa.

Questions asked after dodgy Jeff Horn scorecard exposed

BOXING fans were left scratching their heads after watching the brutal war between Jeff Horn and Michael Zerafa.

The fight will go down as one of the greatest to ever take place on Australian soil but as the judges' scores were read out, shock rang around the country.

Horn had won the bout comfortably in the eyes of everyone who watched the 10-round bloodbath unfold. Despite him being moments from losing in the ninth round, it was Horn's fight.

One judge, however saw things very, very differently as he scored the fight a 94-all draw. The other two had Horn winning 98-90 and 97-92.

Francisco Martinez, the WBA Oceania president, scored the fight six rounds to four in favour of Zerafa although Horn drew level because of his two knockdowns in the ninth.

Martinez handed Zerafa the third, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth and 10th round on his card. The other two judges disagreed with rounds four, six, seven and eight being given to Horn on Farlin Marsh and Derek Milham's cards.

All three judges agreed on their cards that Zerafa won the third and 10th round.

ABC sportscaster Corbin Middlemas described the 98-90 result "flat out disgraceful" while The Daily Telegraph's Jamie Pandaram said the judge who had handed in 94-94 "was watching something else".

Horn's trainer Glenn Rushton also hit out at the draw.

"I don't know how any judge could score that a draw," Rushton told Sporting News.

"Jeff had two knockdowns, he was winning most of the rounds. I don't understand that at all.

"Where was he from, the moon? Did he get knocked down somewhere? Seriously? That's insane."

The fight went to another level in the ninth round when Zerafa looked to have Horn dead and buried after landing big shot after big shot.

Horn was scrambling to stay alive and evidence after the fight showed how close his corner came to throwing in the towel.

Even his wife, Jo, was screaming for the bout to be ended as she watched on from the sidelines.

"I was yelling out 'stop it, stop the fight'," Jo said to the Courier Mail.

"I didn't want to go through this all over again.

"I've been there before seeing Jeffrey knocked around, and I was just hoping they would stop the fight."

The towel never came and the referee never stepped in to wave it off, Horn rebounded emphatically and floored Zerafa with a devastating right hook and went on to have his hand raised in victory.